28 MAR

Achieving Joyful, Healthy Births for All

In this blog post, two powerful Black women—an Olympic gold medalist, and the other a nationally recognized physician on a mission to improve maternal outcomes—reflect on motherhood, maternal care, and how to shape a brighter future for Black birthing people and babies. Both women are featured in the new documentary, BIRTHING JUSTICE (supported in part through funding by RWJF), premiering nationally April 10 on PBS, kicking off Black Maternal Health Week.

24 FEB

"Birthing Justice" screening at Howard Univ. Men’s Basketball

In September, our team attended the world premiere of @birthingjusticefilm at @cbcinstitute @cbcpac Week. This was the first event in our season-long social justice project centered on Black Maternal Health advocacy. On Tuesday, we hosted a private screening on campus with community leaders committed to this cause including @mothersofthemeccahu, @mamatotovillage, @ppmwdc, and @aamctoday. The screening was followed by a panel discussion about the film and larger issues surrounding Black Maternal Health. A powerful evening on campus.

15 FEB

"Birthing Justice" screening in Sacramento raising awareness about deadly childbirths for Black moms

A documentary is shedding light on a grim reality: racial disparities putting black moms at higher risk of dying during childbirth. What's being done to break down barriers to adequate healthcare? CBS13's Marlee Ginter talked with the film director and state health officials to get answers. Leigh Purry beams talking about her daughter, but talking about the day she was born brings shivers.

25 JAN

Birthing Justice, Social Action Doc Ignites Grassroots Movement

Birthing Justice executive producers and co-writers Denise Pines and Jacoba Atlas approached Monique Matthews to direct this film (Matthews also co-wrote the film). Matthews said the social documentary was designed to shift policy but also to amplify and highlight the activists, the birth care professionals and the parents who are actively working to make change. As Matthews said, when you want things done you have to go to the people.


Birthing Justice: Raising the Standards for Maternal Health

Pregnancy – and giving birth – should be among the most meaningful and joyful occasions a person experiences. It is a time in which birthing people and those closest to them – their families, their spouses, their health care providers – should be able to enjoy a wondrous journey that brings together a range of supports for the pregnant person and all that they’re embarking upon. And it should amount to a beautiful adventure in welcoming a new life to the world.

15 DEC 2022

Storytelling for Social Change: Birthing Justice a Landmark Reproductive Justice Documentary Centering Black Birth

Childbirth is a distinct emotional and physical experience for all involved. This makes it a significant milestone in the lives of many. For some birthing people, the experience of bringing another into the world is positively memorable. Their providers prioritize their physical, psychological, and emotional needs at every step of their reproductive journey.

6 DEC 2022

New Documentary Shows How Maternal Health Crisis Disproportionately Hits Black Women

The film follows several women in their motherhood journeys as they advocate for themselves and their infants in a medical system that consistently downplays Black patients’ concerns.

29 SEP 2022

Black birth experiences: ‘We can have joy and justice’

Black women in America are three to five times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women. In some cities, the statistics are even worse. As Ted Roelofs notes in BridgeMichigan, “Detroit’s Black infant mortality is barely better than rates in Egypt and Vietnam.” And for every death nationally, there are 70 near misses.