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We remember the mothers who lost their lives to birthing injustice.

As we grieve, we honor these beautiful women and the loved ones they left behind. They inspire and motivate us as we work to prevent others from appearing on this sacred Remembrance Wall.

If you are an immediate family member (husband, sibling, child, parent or grandparent) of a woman who lost her life due to a pregnancy-related cause, and you wish you add her to our wall, please complete and submit the form
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Remembrance Wall Content

Mary Elizabeth Martin

Madison, TN
Year of death: 1963
Age: 36
Left behind:
2 Sons,
5 Daughters

Kira Johnson
Atlanta, GA
Year of death: 2016
Age: 39
Left behind: Son - 2 yrs, Son – newborn, Husband
Chaniece Wallace
Indianapolis, IN
Year of Death: 2020
Age: 30
Left behind: Daughter-newborn
ShaAsia Washington
Brooklyn, NY
Year of death: 2020
Age: 26
Left behind: Daughter-newborn
Shalon Irving
Atlanta, GA
Year of death: 2017
Age: 36
Left behind: Daughter-newborn